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Video Introductions

Billy Ng is a rebel Lawyer who failed all job applications as a graduate, and now he talks about career choice and tips

Alice Lee teaches you into legal practice, but she stays in Law School. Now she is going to learn about reality in law together with all law students and graduates

Winnie Tam SC – Today, Des Voeux Chambers, the largest set of barristers chambers in Hong Kong, is headed by Winnie Tam SC, JP and is home to about 90 astute legal minds, many of whom have helmed numerous groundbreaking cases.

Keith Brandt advises you from the stage of a law graduate to making equity partner, it is so good that you will watch it another time and again

Words from project owners

Hello World,  
This is the page of HKU Lawlypop (Click and subscribe our YouTube Channel now!). We are a project supported by the HKU Teaching Development Grant (TDG) and led by Alice Lee (Associate Dean of the HKU Law faculty) and Billy Ng (HKU LLB 2002, PCLL 2003, Non-Practicing Solicitor). We are interviewing Legal Pundits from Hong Kong and abroad, to understand them, their practice, career development and more. I know what you think, those videos will be 60 mins long and boring. NO WAY!! We guarantee that we are as impatient as you, and we keep our videos short and sharp. In our Producer (Billy)’s word, a host who speaks 10 mins to introduce and say without further ado, is the ado! We cut that. 
HKU Lawlypop is definitely done for Law students in HKU, but also generally to all who have chosen legal studies. We studied law with excitement and anxiety too! And we were also so so so lack of information of the reality! Therefore, we want to fill your information gap between legal education and real life practice (or not, and why not?!). We don’t ask repetitive questions, and we won’t restrict ourselves in one format of delivery! So stay tuned!!  
Like TED’s motto, there are ideas worth spreading. We hope our tough work in begging legal pals to be interviewed will result in some light, meaningful and fun time at your YouTube, and when you are, one day, struggling in your legal or not career, please visit us again, and let others inspire your decision making! 
That’s it, now leave this page and go subscribe, watch (rewatch x 10), share, like and comment on HKU Lawlypop
Best Regards, 
Alice & Billy

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